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A tool for everyone in the AEC industry

Whether you are a builder, contractor, advisor, professional consultant or house builder,
CHECKD can be used as your daily visual tool in the field

Full overview of inspections with digital floor plans

Say goodbye to chaotic drawings!

Get a complete overview of the basic drawings for the project using our WEB and field application. Workers in the field can feel secure knowing that all drawings are easily accessible in their pockets.

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Mac with floorplan and CHECKD user interface on display


All types of projects: construction, assignments, operations, etc.


Upload your drawing files, and plot points directly on the drawings.


Log deviations, tasks, observations. Extract digital reports, or export them as a PDF.


Fill in our standardised checklists, such as RUH, deviations, change notifications, takeovers, etc. You can also order your own checklists.

CHECKD Field - a simple field tool

Super-simple, visual field tool for people in the BAE industry.
Get all inspections, handovers and checklists right in your pocket.
Plot points directly on the drawing, and delegate to the person in charge.

For all people and companies in the AEC industry!

Created for field workers, so that offices and superiors can benefit from the correct basic data from building, construction and operational projects at any time.

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Builders and clients

Get a total overview of reports, progression and an overview of all participants in the project.

General contractors

Make inspections, delegate to the right subject, company or person with a click. Plot any deviations directly on the drawing and share during the project.


Get all tasks, deviations and changes directly on your mobile. Submit your subject's quality assurance with a few keystrokes on your mobile.


Get daily, weekly, monthly and annual assignments, and check directly on floor plans in buildings. Everyone knows what to do at any given time, and you can easily retrieve documentation at any stage.

Detta är vad våra kunder säger

Hela livsmedelskedjan i projektet vet vad de ska göra varje dag.
CHECKD har gett mig bra kontroll och en lista över vem, vad och hur uppgifter ska utföras. Med Floorplan har CHECKD gett mig möjlighet att få effektiv kontroll över de projekt som mitt företag genomför.

VD, general manager för HMS och Byggkontroll AS

Effektiv och korrekt är två ord som jag tycker beskriver CHECKD. Våra köpare är mycket imponerade av de rapporter de får efter slutbesiktningen. Arbetsflödet för produktions-/byggarbetsplatsen är mycket effektivt och tidsbesparande. Delegering av arbete sker under besiktningen, och du kan följa statusen för varje förbättringsarbete. Det är mycket CHECKD det

Samantha, inredningsansvarig på JM Region Oslo

Systemet är mycket enkelt att använda och ger en unik överblick över de uppgifter/brister där arbete pågår. Det är också enkelt att kommunicera med entreprenören via applikationen längs vägen. Vi har sparat mycket tid och har mycket bättre kontroll än när vi använt traditionella system.

Eivind Valland, projektledare på BRICK AS

This is what our customers say

The entire food chain in the project knows what to do every day.
CHECKD has given me good control, and a list of which and how tasks should be performed and by whom. With Floorplan, CHECKD has given me the opportunity to gain effective control over the projects my company carries out.

CEO, general manager of HMS og Byggkontroll AS

Effective and accurate are two words that I believe describe CHECKD. Our buyers are very impressed with the reports they receive after the final inspection. The workflow for production/construction sites is very efficient and time-saving. Delegation of work takes place during the inspection, and you can follow the status of each improvement.

Samantha, Interior Design Manager at JM Region Oslo

The system is very easy to use and provides a unique overview of the tasks/shortcomings that are being worked on. It is also easy to communicate with the contractor via the application during the process. We have saved a lot of time and have far better control than using traditional systems.

Eivind Valland, Project Manager at BRICK AS
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