Get full control of your drawing basis in CHECKD

Get rid of the drawing chaos. Get a complete overview of the drawing basis for the project using our web and field application. Field workers can know with confidence that the latest updated drawing is on the project, right in their pocket.

CHECKD supports all types of 2D drawings for follow-up in your projects.

By uploading the drawings in CHECKD, you and your employees will always have the latest floor plan with relevant information related to a project, property or assignment.

All your drawing bases are gathered in one place

CHECKD supports an unlimited number of drawings per project. Sometimes you can use images from Google Maps as a drawing basis, while other times you have detailed floor plans that you work from.

No matter what kind of drawing you have, they can be uploaded to CHECKD and used to give work orders, perform inspections, general documentation and much more.

CHECKD supports PDF, PNG, GIF, JPG, SVG etc.

More about drawings

  • Upload exactly the drawings you want as a drawing basis
  • Everyone in the project will always be up to date on which drawings are used
  • Unlimited number of drawings per project
  • Add points (deviations, messages, tasks) exactly where you need it, right in the drawing

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Get a full overview of inspections with digital floor plans

CHECKD is already used today among several of Norway's largest and best companies in the construction and real estate industry. Now we come to UK!

The solution suits you, regardless of whether you are a small player as well as a large player. All you have to do is press "Get started", and we will contact you shortly.

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Effective and accurate are two words that I believe describe CHECKD. Our buyers are very impressed with the reports they receive after the inspection. The workflow for production / construction site is very efficient and time-saving. Delegation of work takes place during the inspection, and you can follow the status of each improvement. It is very CHECKD it;)

Samantha, Inspection and interior design manager in JM Norway (Oslo Region)

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