Follow up the entire project with pins in CHECKD

Use our advanced point system to delegate work tasks, note errors, deviations and work tasks in your projects. Perfect for all types of construction projects and property management.

The unique pin system in CHECKD allows you to gather all the information you need in one place. In addition, you can follow up the item from the time it is created until the receipt has been completed and approved.

Gather all information

A pin can be a work task, a deviation, an HSE point or KS point or the like. You can define the pins yourself so that they fit into their existing routines.

Using a solid tag function, you can create exactly the pins you need to follow your existing routines.

A pin contains:

  • Location (directly in floor plan or other type of drawing basis)
  • Documentation; notes and photos
  • Who is responsible for handling the point
  • What kind of point is it; deviations, HSE, KS, work tasks (you can define what kind of points you have) etc.
  • Status of the item; is it being worked on? is it done? or does it need to be followed up further?


Items in CHECKD will be assigned a status so that they can be followed up from start to finish.

  1. Gray: the item has been logged
  2. Red: the pin is delegated to the one who will handle it
  3. Yellow: the pin is being worked on
  4. Blue: the pin is finished
  5. Green: the pin is approved by the parent and closed

Bring out exactly the pins you want

When you work in a construction project or on real estate, there will eventually be many tasks to keep track of. Therefore, you can easily retrieve exactly the pins you need via an advanced filter. You can filter on what you want based on projects, drawings, date, status, people, subjects (carpenter, electrician, painter etc ...) etc.

Based on this, you can easily get the relevant information you need.

More on points

  • A pin contains all the information you need
  • Follow up the pin from the time it is created until it is approved and closed
  • You can delegate pins to employees, UEs, suppliers, etc.
  • See pins directly in floor plan / map or get an overview in list view

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Effective and accurate are two words that I believe describe CHECKD. Our buyers are very impressed with the reports they receive after the inspection. The workflow for production / construction site is very efficient and time-saving. Delegation of work takes place during the inspection, and you can follow the status of each improvement. It is very CHECKD it;)

Samantha, Inspection and interior design manager in JM Norway (Oslo Region)

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